Splitting D&C 27?

By Tamara Patterson

Tamara Patterson


#DandC27: With part of the lesson focussed on the Sacrament and the other on the Armor of God; was anyone able to do all of this in one lesson or did you end up splitting it into two lessons? What was your approach?

Anna Allred


I split. We watched Brad Wilcox’s talk on grace and then discussed the sacrament. The next day I took in a lot of my hubby’s body armor from his deployments and a sword we got in Germany. The only thing I didn’t have was a shield. But they got to wield the sword. And put on the armor.

Christy Elliott Vogel


We did this lesson today. I brought up the potato peels from the manual, and we found the principle in verse 2. I asked them to grade themselves on how well they concentrated on the atonement yesterday during the sacrament. We asked advice from those who gave themselves the best grades. Then we listed the prophets mentioned in vs 5-14 on the board and what their responsibilities were to the family of Adam. I asked them where they fit in that group. All of my students are Aaronic Priesthood holders so it was easy. Then we started on the armor of God. I printed the picture in the manual in sticker paper and they stuck it in their journals. They labeled the parts of the armor and we talked about what they were protecting. We changed what Pres Lee said to better reflect what we have been learning so far (heart=desire, feet=works…). Lastly I asked them to accept the challenge of the other seminary class to come up with at least 100 things that make up the chain mail of their armor. That we will work on tomorrow. (They agreed to come up with 101, lol).

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