Most spiritual lessons we have had all year

By Rachel Murphy Rachel Murphy:
Today’s lesson of #DandC65 was one of the most spiritual lessons we have had all year. While reading through the scripture block the word that impressed me the most was prepare. I really enjoy throwing parties and preparing for them so I had a vision of having the seminary students help prepare for a party or event. The event we were preparing for was the second coming and we had a special guest of honor, the Savior.

I had contacted a student ahead of time to be our event planner and she delegated out the tasks that morning of choosing the music we would play (I had a preset playlist of church music she could choose from), having students decorate with streamers and balloons, someone was in charge of invitations (we talked about how this is a party that we want to invite every one to: which turned into a short discussion about missionary work), making a welcome sign on our seminary door, unwrapping the candy treats we had, and preparing a special place for our guest of honor.

I was amazed at how quickly and excitedly all of the students got up and started getting to work. They were so excited to be planning and involved in preparing for the party. The students who were in charge of the place for our guest of honor searched the whole church for the best chair they could find. They came back in with a plush red velvet chair. Then they said “we have to have a footstool for him!” So they went out and found one. Every one was bustling about in the true spirit of excitement and preparation.

I gave them about 10 minutes to prepare and when they were done I asked them to all go out Read More

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