Speed-Friending & Clothes Swap – Multi-Ward Yw Activity

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This week we had a super fun activity with the Young Women from another ward that shares our building. We wanted to promote friendship between the two wards’ YW. This is what we came up with:

Earlier this year, our former Relief Society Enrichment Leader (now my 1st Counselor) ran an Enrichment Night activity that was called “Speed-friending.” I was sick that night, so I didn’t attend but I kept hearing about how fun it was. Basically, it was like speed-dating (in that you sat at tables – across from a partner) and rotated who you speak to after a set time), but with all ladies. The timer was set for 3 minutes, and the Enrichment Leader had a list of topic questions that she would read aloud (a different question for each rotation). After 3 minutes, the women would rotate and move to a new person. It never got boring because it was a different get-to-know-you topic every 3 minutes, and you were always getting to know a different person. (We ended up using this same concept on a smaller scale a few months ago as a joint (all-girls) activity in our ward. The leaders and the yw all rotated around and got to know each other better)

When I contacted the neighboring ward’s YW President to see if we could schedule a joint (all-girls) activity with both ward’s YW, I suggested the speed-friending concept and she came up with the idea for the clothes swap.


My 1st Counselor read the questions (using the microphone – it got pretty loud in there!) and the girls rotated along long-tables that we had set up in the gym. The topic questions were things like, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “If you suddenly had millions of dollars, what would you do with it?” and “If you could be an animal, what kind would you be, and why?”

This time, since we had a larger group of girls, we didn’t include the leaders in the speed-friending (except for one who filled in when there was an uneven number – we had some girls trickle in throughout the evening, so we were constantly adjusting the number of chairs, etc). This part of the activity took about 45 minutes. It could be shorter or longer, depending on how many questions you have prepared and how many girls you have (we had about 26 girls).


During the speed-friending, the other leaders were setting up a clothes-swap in the RS room. We had asked the yw (from both wards) to bring any unwanted (but CLEAN) clothes, shoes, or accessories to donate for the swap (and to get their parent’s permission first before donating anything!). We had about 26 girls attend, and I’d estimate we had about 300 swap items donated. We quickly arranged the clothes into areas (pants, skirts/dresses, shoes, shirts, etc) while they speed-friended. After the girls finished up the speed-friending, they went into the RS room, where they were welcome to take anything that they wanted from the donated items. We did not place any restrictions on who could take what (ie, you didn’t have to bring something to take something). Most girls took away at least a few things. Some girls had to haul their ‘new’ clothes away in garbage bags. Any leftover items were donated to a thrift store.

Afterward, we had doughnuts and milk for refreshments. This was one of our most popular activities EVER – the girls have been asking when we can do it again!

This could also be done on a Stake level.

COST: Only the cost of refreshments!

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