Special Needs and the Assessment

By Mary Mullenbach

Mary Mullenbach


What extra review, if anything, can we do to help prep our kids for the assessment? I have some with special needs that I am concerned about. I don’t want to do anything unethical, of course, but am I allowed to review and make sure they remember/understood past lessons?

James W. Anderson


I’ve heard there’s a video on si.lds.org about working with certain situations, it may be in a general video on the subject, possibly one put out in August (not the May one for sure).

Susan Barrett


I have test question Tuesday. We go over a couple questions each tues and discuss the answers. It has taken the anxiety level way down. My CES coordinator said we should do this.

Sarah Sisson Huth


I have been given permission to let one if my special needs students take the test at home with his parents reading the questions to him. Check with your stake CES representative. We are also reviewing the questions by using them as devotional topics. Hope this helps.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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