Songs For Baptism Questions

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Have the Bishop come in and discuss the baptism questions with the kids. Talk about preparing to get baptized.

Make a life-sized cutout of the Bishop. Cut slits where the pockets are. Have little slips of paper sticking out of the slits. Invite children to pick a piece of paper. Each paper has a question and a song.

Questions + Songs:
1. Do you believe in Heavenly Father? (I am a Child of God pg.2 & My Heavenly Father Loves Me pg.228)
2. Why do you pray? (For Health and Strength pg.21)
3. Who is Jesus Christ? (If the Savior Stood Beside Me – in the Friend)
4. What is a covenant? (The Church of Jesus Christ pg. 77) – talk about what a covenant is and that we make them as members of the church
5.What does it mean to be baptized? (When I am Baptized pg. 103)
6. Who was Joseph Smith? (The Golden Plates pg. 86)
7. Who is the prophet today? (We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet pg.19)
8. What is a commandment? (Choose the Right pg.239)
9. What is the Holy Ghost? (The Holy Ghost pg.105)
10. What is the Sacrament? (Before I Take the Sacrament pg. 73)
11. Do you read the scriptures? (Book of Mormon Stories pg. 118)

*Idea from Nan Egbert on the LDS Choristers Facebook Group

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