Song: When I Am Baptized

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Before I begin to teach this song, I will have the children sing the Noah verse of the song “Follow the Prophet.”  Optionally, you may choose to spend a week teaching the children the ASL for the chorus of this song, found here.  
Next, I will review the story of Noah with the video found here.   (TIP:  These videos are all available on the Mormon Channel iPad app under Children, Old Testament Stories.  I find that this is a quick and convenient way to share videos with our small primary.)  Explain to the children how the story of the flood relates to baptism.
Because most of the children already know this song, I plan to do only a quick overview of the lyrics, using a parroting technique.  I will sing one line at a time and have the children repeat after me.  To review, I will print the pictures below and create a posterboard that looks like this:  

Have the children sing through the song, listening for the first missing word.  Have one of the younger children see if he or she can find the picture that represents that word.  Tape it in place and repeat until all of the boxes are filled.   Use the pictures as a prompt to discuss the meaning of difficult words and concepts such as “ponder” and “forgiven.” 

For the activity:For flipchart:

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