Song: The Things I Do

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I plan to teach this song to my primary in October 2013 to complement the theme of Missionary Work.  
As it is written, the melody from the first verse is repeated for the second verse and then there is a change for the third and fourth verses. Unless you plan to sing this song for the program, consider using the repeated section for all four verses. This simplifies the teaching of the song considerably, and without losing any of the content. 

I’m much too young to go abroad

To teach and preach the word of God.

But I can show I know it’s true

Quite simply, by the things I do.

The people in my neighborhood

Will judge the gospel, bad or good

By how I act at work and play,

And not just on the Sabbath day.

I’ll take my friends to church with me

Where I will act with dignity.

My reverence and my happy face

Will tell them it’s a sacred place.

In everything I do, they’ll see
I am what I profess to be.

Then when the Elders find their door,

They’ll say “Come in and tell us more.”

You can review this song and help the children understand it with the activity here.  

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