Song: The Nativity Song

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For this song, I’ve created two documents.  
The first includes all of the pictures shown below, with the capitalized rhyming words.  
To teach the song, you could post the first half of each rhyme on the board and scatter the second half of the rhymes around the room.  As you teach the song, let the children find the matches.
To review, you might play a matching game.  Shuffle the pages.  Post them all at the front of the room with the picture sides hidden.  Have the children take turns turning over two pages at a time.  When they find a match, sing the corresponding verse.  (When I play the matching game, I like to post the pictures up-side-down with one piece of tape at the top.  Then when the children choose a picture, you can flip it up like a hinge instead of taking it completely off of the board.  You can also number the backs of the pages and ask children to tell you the number they want to see rather than turning the pictures over themselves.  This saves lots of time in large primaries.)
The second document shows only half of the pictures, with no words.  This document would be useful as a flip chart for performances.  It will help the children remember which verse comes next, but will not have enough page turns to be distracting.

This is the season, beloved of the YEAR
Sing a rhyme; Christmas time soon will be HERE.
Tell the true story of Jesus’ BIRTH

When, as a baby, he came to the EARTH.
This is the new star, shining so BRIGHT.
Lighting the world on that first Christmas NIGHT
This is the angel proclaiming the BIRTH,

Singing “Hosanna!”  and “Peace on the EARTH!”
This is the stable, shelter so BARE;
Cattle and oxen first welcome him THERE.
This is the manger, sweet hay for a BED,
Waiting for Jesus to cradle his HEAD.

These are the shepherds, humble and MILD.
Hast’ning to worship the heavenly CHILD.
These are the wise men who followed the STAR,
Frankincense, gold and myrrh brought from AFAR.
See the sweet mother, Mary so FAIR,
Joseph, who guided the donkey with CARE.
See the dear baby of BETHLEHEM,

Little Lord Jesus, the Savior of MEN.

For the rhyming/matching document:
For the flipchart document:

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