Song Review: “if The Savior Stood Beside Me” Rock-Paper-Scissors

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Because my primary has learned the song more quickly than expected, I was looking for a supplemental activity and inspiration finally struck last night.  I am going to do a version of the Rock-paper-scissors activity found here.  I will have a child read one of the word strips below and ask the children in which verse they can find advice on how to handle the situation.  The point of this activity is to emphasize the idea that being like the Savior means not only avoiding evil, but also doing good.  Be sure to keep that in mind when answering the questions.
Verse 1:
On your way to the toy store to spend your allowance, you see someone collecting money for charity.
Your little brother, who always bugs you, asks if he can play with you and your friends.
You are going outside to play when you notice that your mother isn’t feeling well.
After school, you see a classmate who bullies you has fallen off his bike and is hurt.
Verse 2:  
Your friends are gossiping about a girl who has been mean to you.  They ask you what you think.
Your teacher is talking about religion and accidentally says something incorrect about our church.
At school, a friend tells you that she is not sure if God is real or not.
During a primary lesson, some kids begin talking about a computer game that you love to play.
Verse 3:  
You get lost on the way to your swim lesson and there is nobody around to ask directions from.
Sometimes, when bad things happen, you wonder if Heavenly Father really loves you.
You are sleeping over at a friend’s house.  Your friend has fallen asleep and you feel very alone.

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