Song Review: If The Savior Stood Beside Me

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I originally planned this as a Sharing Time when we were learning “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.”  I explained that if we wanted to be like Jesus, then we had to know who he was.  I put the pictures on the board and let the children choose them, one by one.  As a picture was chosen, we would read the back and learn about one characteristic of Christ.  Then we would sing the associated song. 
This lesson could easily be adapted for use in March 2013 as we review “If the Savior Stood Beside Me.”  Suggest to the children that these characteristics are also traits that Christ would want us to develop in ourselves. 
Note:  Images are from the LDS Gospel Art Library.  Text is adapted from the descriptions. 

Courage:  Following the Last Supper, Jesus and His Apostles went to the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus went off by Himself to pray.  He knew that the time had come for Him to suffer for the sins of the world.  He prayed that He might not have to eperience such suffering, but told Heavenly Father that He would do the Father’s will.  Even though it was scary and difficult, Jesus was willing to do what Heavenly Father wanted.
Song:  Nephi’s Courage #120

Faith:  One night, Jesus’ disciples put out to sea in a boat while Jesus stayed behind to pray to Heavenly Father.  A storm came up and tossed the boat in the waves.  When Jesus saw His disciples struggling with their ship in the storm, He started walking on the water toward the ship.  The disciples were firghtened when they saw a man walking toward them on the water.  Then they heard Jesus call to them and tell them not to fear.  Peter asked Jesus if he could come to Him, and Jesus told Peter to come.  But as Peter did so he became afaid and started to sink.  Jesus took hold of Peter’s hand and helped him back to the boat.  The sea became calm again, and the disciples testified that Jesus was the Son of God. 
Song:  Faith #96

Love:  In the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus told about a traveler who was attacked by thieves and left half dead.  A priest and then a Levite saw the hurt man, but each of them passed by without helping.  Finally, a Samaritan came by and stopped to help the man.  He bandaged the man’s wounds and carried him on his own animal to an inn.  The Samaritan left money with the innkeeper for the man’s care.  This story shows us what it means to follow the commandment to love our neighbors.
Song:  Love One Another #136

Service:  After eating the Last Supper, Jesus poured water into a basin.  He then washed the Apostles’ feet and dried them with a towel.  Jesus explained that He had done this to teach them that they were to serve others. 
Sing;  Called to Serve  #174, Hymnal

Knowledge: When Jesus was 12 years old, He went with His family to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover.  On the way home, Joseph and Mary realized that Jesus was not with their group.  They went back to Jerusalem to look for Him.  After three days of searching, they found Jesus teaching the wise men at the temple.  Those who heard him were amazed at His understanding. 
Song:  Search, Ponder and Pray  #109

Honoring Parents:  Mary, a righteous and pure woman, was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ while she still lived with Heavenly Father.  Jesus loved His mother and cared for her His entire life.  Mary helped Jesus prepare to do the important work that Heavenly Father had called Him to do during His life.  Mary’s husband, Joseph, was a good man who loved Jesus and helped teach and raise him. 
Song:  Love is Spoken Here #190

Forgiveness:  As Jesus was being hung on the cross, he must have been in great pain.  But even though He was suffering, Jesus asked Heavenly Father to forgive the soldiers who were hurting Him.  “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Song:  Help Me, Dear Father #99

Cheerful:  Jesus traveled with His disciples to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover, and He entered the city riding on the colt of a donkey.  Large crowds of people gathered to honor Jesus.  They spread clothing and palm branches in His path.  The people rejoiced and shouted, “Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”
Song:  If You’re Happy and You Know It  #266

Reverence:  Jesus was teaching at the home of some friends.  One of them, Mary, sat and listened to His teachings, while her sister, Martha prepared a meal.  Martha wanted Mary to help her, but Jesus explained that it was more important for Mary to listen, since His teachings would stay with her always.  Mary was showing that learning about Heavenly Father was more important to her than anything else that was going on around her.
Song:  Reverence is Love #31

Obedience:  Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized in the Jordan River.  John knew that Jesus was without sin, and so he thought that Jesus did not need baptism.  Jesus explained that even the Savior must be baptized because it was one of God’s commandments for His children.  John went down into the water and baptized Him.
Song:  Keep the Commandments #146


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