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Since we get to choose our own songs for June 2014, I’ve chosen “Love at Home,” which goes well with the overall theme for the year.  Also, my own children might need a reminder :).  Anyway, I’ve only illustrated the first verse, and I think that should be enough, but if enough of you would like it, I can try to do the other verses.
Start by playing or singing the song to the children and ask them what it is about.  Then play it for them again and ask them to count how many times the words “love at home” are sung.  Play it a third time, dividing the primary into three groups and have each group stand when one of those three words (“love at home”) are said.  
By this time, they will be familiar with the melody and already know most of the words!  Print and cut out the document below and use it one of several ways-

  • Start with the song displayed on the chalkboard in front of you (having written out the words which aren’t illustrated.)   Each time the children sing through the song, remove several pictures and see if they can still remember the words.
  • Start with the pictures displayed randomly on the board in front of you and see if the children can put them into the correct order
  • Paste the pictures, in order, onto cardstock and make your own flipchart.

I’ve left the document in Word format so that you can size the pictures if necessary.  If your computer does not support Word, just right click on each of the photos on the blog page, copy, and paste into a different document format.  To save ink, you might not print the chorus.

There is When there’s
There isin everyWhen there’s
andabideondothglideWhen there’sdothglideWhen there’s

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