Song Hospital, Part 3 – Discharge And Go Home

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*This is incorporating the Posting Paper in the Hallway idea into a lesson.

OK, so you’ve done Song Hospital – part 1.
and maybe Song Hospital – part 2 as well.
—> Now the songs need to be Discharged and Go Home…

EXPLAIN:Today we’re going to send our songs home!

Remember that good performance value is:

  • sitting up tall
  • watching the Leader
  • enunciating the words
  • singing loudly, but not screaming
  • happy faces

*Will be needing help from Teachers to watch for good singers to help.

1.  Sing and get songs still in the ‘Waiting Room’ to the ‘Discharge’. (if any)2.  Ask a Teacher to help. Teacher calls on a good singer to help them.

3.  The Teacher (and helper) are the “Taxi Drivers”. They are going to take the songs home. The songs live in the Hallway. The Taxi Drivers will listen to us sing. As they walk they’ll hear us get quieter and quieter the farther they walk. They’ll tape the song on the Wall at it’s “home” on the wall when they can’t hear us anymore. The farther they’ve walked, the louder we were singing that song! Remember to sing, not scream. *After Primary the kids will like to see how far down the hallway the songs got. It’s fun for them to see how good they did. :)

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