Song Hospital, Part 2 – Song Surgery

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I realized that I needed Song Hospital to be more interactive, especially with my SR Primary. So in my second week of the Song Hospital Review I am going to flip the tables and the KIDS are going to be the Doctors and they are going to have to do “Song Surgery”.

EXPLAIN:Last week we had a lot of songs that had to come to the Primary Song Hospital. We were able to get a lot of them Healthy and sounding good again. Today we’re going to get them ALL Healthy.

TELL:Dr. Smith got called out to an emergency and today, so YOU GUYS will be the Doctors. In Teaching Hospitals they have observation operating rooms where students learning to be Surgeons can observe and learn during live operations. We’ll choose classes to be teams of Surgeons and they’ll have to operate on our songs to get them better again. While the rest of you are sitting in your chairs you are the Student Doctors and you have to help the Surgeons by singing well.

We’ll need good performance value to help the Surgeons get all of the songs Healthy again. Remember that good performance value is:

  • sitting up tall
  • watching the Leader
  • enunciating the words
  • singing loudly, but not screaming
  • happy faces

1.  Get songs still in the ‘Waiting Room’ to the ‘Discharge’ by performing Song Surgery.2.  Have pictures or lyrics for the songs that were still in the Waiting Room from Song Hospital Week 1. Mix them up.3. Choose a class to put the pictures up on the board in the right order (or have them stand holding pics) while the rest of the Primary sings the song.

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