Song: Dare To Do Right

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Dare to do right

Dare to be true(The boy broke the window, and he told the truth even though he was afraid his dad would be mad.)

You have a work that no other can do

Do it so bravely, so kindly, so well

Angels will hasten the story to tell

Dare, dare, dare to do right

Dare, dare, dare to be true

Dare to be true.  Dare to be true.  Dare to do right.
 Dare to be true.  (Be sure to explain that BEING true is more than just TELLING the truth.  The boy should have made the right decision.)
 Other men’s failures can never save you.
 Stand by your conscience, your honor, your faith.
 Stand like a hero,
 And battle till death.  Dare, dare, dare to do right!
 Dare, dare, dare to be true!

Dare to be true!  Dare to be true!

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