Song: Children All Over The World

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To teach the children the foreign words in this song, I made up stories to tell them.  After they hear the stories, have them repeat the bold phrase several times.  Then change the pronunciation of the bold phrase slightly to sound like the foreign words for “thank you.”
Note:  In general, we are discouraged from using sound-alike words (ie lettuce=let us) to teach the lyrics to Primary songs.  I find this specific use acceptable because it does not in any way obscure the gospel message of the song.  You should be able to explain the meaning of the song as a whole without confusing most children.  If you feel any doubt about whether this is appropriate, please don’t use it.  

graciasWhen we built my house, the contractor asked me all sorts of questions.  How many bedrooms did we need?  Did I want one story or two?  Did I want grass in the front yard?  I said “Grassy?  Yes.”

maloMy niece is five years old.  She’s just learning to write.  A few days ago, I was helping her practice.  I asked her to write a big G.  Then I asked her to write a small m.  Then I asked her to write an O.  She asked “Big O or small o?”

wir danken dir I was having a picnic in the woods one afternoon.  We had sandwiches, vegetables, grapes and oreos with milk.  Two giants who lived in the forrest saw us dunking our oreos in our milk and they wanted to try.  But their fingers were too big for the little cookies.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw them doing something very strange.  “What are you doing!?”  I asked.  They replied “We’re dunkin’ deer!”

takI have a new cell phone and I couldn’t figure out how to use the new Siri function.  “How do I make a call?”  I asked.  My husband replied “Talk!”

merciMy daughter and I were out running errands when we saw a large group of people.  We moved closer to see what they were all looking at.  “What’s going on over there?”  I asked.  My daughter answered, “It’s the mayor, see?”

kansha shimasuI was shopping for groceries one day when I came to the vegetable stand.  I found my carrots, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce, but I could not find the mushrooms.  “Excuse me,” I asked the grocer.  “Do you have mushrooms?”  The grocer looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked “Can’t you see mushrooms?”

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