Song: On A Golden Springtime

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I’ve created a black and white flip chart with which to introduce the song and a coloring book for the children to take home and teach their families.  Here is a preview of the illustrations for the flip chart, but the PDF is in landscape format for easier use.

For the flipchart:

For the coloring book:
To create the coloring book, print the file above- one page or the other OR the first verse on the front of the page and the second verse on the back of the page. Crease each of the solid lines and cut along the dotted line. 
Fold the page in half lengthwise.  Hold the ends and press them toward the center.  The top crease will fold as shown below:
(If you choose to print on both sides of the paper, you will have to unfold and refold the book to see the second verse.  The PDF file is formatted for 8.5′ x 11″ printer paper.  To use another size paper, copy and paste the preview files above into a Word document, change all margins to 0″ and stretch the image to fill the entire page.)

Note:  some printers will not print an entire page.  For this reason, I’ve left the line around the perimeter so that you can cut out the book if necessary.  Just set the margins at the minimum required for your printer and size the book accordingly.  Make sure that the top and bottom margins are symmetrical if you plan to print two-sided.  

Alternately, you may print the image in several pieces, glue them carefully together, and make copies in a copy machine.  

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