Simple Asl For I Stand All Amazed

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I was only planning on teaching the first verse in sign (the rest just normal singing), but I ended up typing it all out… so I’ll just have to see how well my kids catch onto it!  I’ve already taught the 1st verse to my CTR5 and Sunbeam. They got it pretty fast, so I’m feeling optimistic.  :)


1. I stand all amazed   (I, AM [stand], AMAZED)
at the love Jesus offers me   (LOVE, JESUS, OFFERS, ME)
Confused at the grace   (CONFUSED, GRACE)that so fully he proffers me.    (THOROUGHLY [fully], HE, PROFFERS [same as offer], ME)
I tremble to know  (I, OVERWHELMED [tremble], KNOW)that for me he was crucified,   (ME, HE [Jesus], CRUCIFIED)
That for me, a sinner,   (ME, SINNER)he suffered, he bled and died.   (HE [Jesus], SUFFEREDHE [Jesus], BLED, DIED)

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me  (WONDERFULHE [Jesus], CARE, ME)
Enough to die for me!   (ENOUGHDIE, ME)
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!  (WONDERFULWONDERFUL, ME)


2. I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine (MARVELHE [Jesus]DESCEND, THRONE/DIVINE)
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine, (RESCUE, SOUL, REBELLIOUS, PROUD, ME)
That he should extend his great love unto such as I, (HE [Jesus], EXTENDLOVE, ME)
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.  (SUFFICIENT, OWN, REDEEM, JUSTIFY)
Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me  (WONDERFULHE [Jesus]CARE, ME)
Enough to die for me!   (ENOUGHDIE, ME)
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!  (WONDERFULWONDERFUL, ME)
3. I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt!  (ME, THINK, HANDS, PIERCED, BLEEDING)
Such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget?  (MERCYLOVE, DEVOTION, ME, FORGET)
No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat, (NO NO, ME, PRAISE (hallelujah is a long lasting sign),
Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet. (UNTILATTHRONE/DIVINE, ME, KNEEL, AT, JESUS, FEET)
Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me  (WONDERFULHE [Jesus]CARE, ME)
Enough to die for me!   (ENOUGHDIE, ME)
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!  (WONDERFULWONDERFUL, ME)

I Stand All Amazed “Take Two” VIDEO NOTES:

  • verse 1: “STAND” has been changed to “AM”.
  • chorus: “ENOUGH” should be two bounces on the hand (two syllables = two bounces, easy peasy!)
  • verse 2: “JE-SUS” sign should be on “that He” (I goofed a little)
    There are a few slight ‘hiccups’ where you can tell i’m trying to remember what comes next. I did this in one take and one take only, so it is what it is.
  • verse 3: slowly continue “BLEEDING” through the end of the phrase.
  • verse 3: video is missing the sign “UNTIL, AT” (it’s typed above…)
  • My children were talking and tapping things in the background.
  • The link to the video on YouTube is here.
  • Nice, gentle help from those who know ASL would be appreciated. :)

Lastly, why I like to teach sign for songs:
I like to try to make the words match up with the signs. I know it doesn’t always happen that way when signing  to the deaf community – but for hearing kids it’s a good connection when the sign is the word coming out of their mouth, or close to it. I want the word-to-sign connection. Maybe this way isn’t the most comprehensible when reading the signs, but my intent is not for the signs to be read – my intent is for 1) the children I’m teaching to learn the song, and 2) to solidify the meaning of the words with signs. Also, I try to make the signs go with beats and intricacies within the song to make them easier to do and remember. It’s like choreographing a little hand dance. :)  I love singing, I love signing, I love the kids. I hope to be able to marry the singing and the signing  in a way that the kids I teach can comprehend and the deaf community can appreciate as well. The end. ;)

*The idea of doing this song in ASL is not mine. The idea for these signs in these particular places is.

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