Silent Christmas Lesson

By Sharon Prescott Haynie
Sharon Prescott Haynie:
This is the link to the Silent Lesson for Christmas that I used last year. I hope you can get to it with this one, it is from Pinterest. there are alot of different one on Pinterest, also The Red-Headed Hostess has tips on how to prepare one
2(2 hours ago)

Andrea Bailey Williams: Great idea. Unfortunately, I am not a member of Scribd. (2 hours ago)

Sharon Prescott Haynie: If you search on Pinterest for silent lesson-Christmas you can find a lot of other lessons or ideas you can use for yourself. This is the one I used last year. I don’t think I paid to be a member of scribed but I can’t remember. (2 hours ago)

Marilyn McCormick: Thank you for sharing this link. (1 hour ago)

Jeanne Gilmore Merrell: You can still look at all of the pages at scribd without being a member. You just can’t print anything. (18 minutes ago) 1

Jeanne Gilmore Merrell: This website has notes on the Silent Lesson on scribd written by the author. (10 minutes ago)

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