{Sharing Time} The Scriptures Teach Me How To Pray.

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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Hold up the scriptures and ask the children to tell you some of the things we learn about in the scriptures. Tell the children that one of the things we can learn about in the scriptures is how to pray.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (hearing a scripture story): Tell the story of Alma and Amulek teaching the Zoramites (see Alma 31; 33–34). Invite the children to pantomime the correct way to pray. Ask the children what the story teaches about prayer. Make a list on the board of the children’s answers. Invite the children to discuss how the story applies to them.
Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS IdeasThis week I get to teach Sharing Time because the Primary President will be gone. I’m excited to be able to visit Primary & teach the children again. :) When I first read the outline I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but then I looked at some of my older posts and saw an idea. I changed it up a little bit…this is what I came up with:
When I was still in Primary the first counselor did a Sharing Time where she compared prayer to making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (she read the idea on Sugardoodle). I am using this same idea for my Sharing Time idea this week, but I’m changing it up a little bit.
Begin your Sharing Time by sharing the story of Alma & Amulek teaching the Zoramites (3 Nephi 31; 33-34).You could use the illustrated Book of Mormon stories to do this.During/after the story you could discuss with the children what things the Zoramites were doing that were wrong.One of the things could be that they all repeated the same prayer.Tell them that you are going to need a helper to help explain why we don’t want to always repeat the same prayer.
Invite a child up to the front or ask an adult. Tell the children that your helper is your Mom/Friend/etc.Hand your helper a phone and have them sit on one side of the room and you sit on the other with another phone.Once you are ready you will ‘call’ your helper on the phone. Here is an example script:You: Hi ______, how are you?Helper: GoodYou: I’m doing good too. Bye!
Then tell the children that it’s the next day & you decide to ‘call’ your friend again:You: Hi ______, how are you?Helper: GoodYou: I’m doing good too. Bye!
Wouldn’t it be boring if your Mom or Friend always said the same thing every time you talked to them?Well, that is kind of like prayer. When we pray we are communicating with our Heavenly Father. That is a special time that we can talk with our Heavenly Father and tell him about our day or ask him for things that we might need help with or need.We don’t want to get in the habit of saying the same thing every time.Today we are going to talk about prayer. Did you know there are certain words that we should use when we pray?Today we are going to learn all about them.
PB&J Prayer SandwichTell the children that today you are going to be making a PB&J Prayer Sandwich.
Show the children the first piece of bread. Ask them ‘How do we begin our prayers? The first piece of bread is for ‘Dear Heavenly Father’.Lay the piece of bread on a plate and have everyone repeat ‘Dear Heavenly Father’.Now, ask if anyone knows what comes next.
The Jelly! Use the jelly to represent: ‘We Thank Thee.’But instead of putting on a lot of jelly just put on a tiny little glob.Ask the children if that is enough. They’ll obviously say NO!Explain that when we pray we need to remember to thank Heavenly Father for ALL of our many blessings. We want Heavenly Father to know that we appreciate all that He has given to us, so we need to remember to Thank Him.To help the children know some things that they can be thankful for I decided to do a little activity.I found pictures of several different things that we might be thankful for and printed them out. {Thanks again Nikki from Melonheadzfor your great clipart! I just google searched for the others and there’s a few that aren’t in the picture.}
I am going to attach them to a poster-board with ‘We Thank Thee’ at the top. I am going to cover up the pictures and tell the children that underneath are pictures of things that we can be thankful for.I am going to reveal the pictures for 2-3 seconds and then cover them up again.I will then call on a child to see if he/she remembers what one of the pictures was.If they name one, I will take it off the poster-board and show it to the children and discuss why we are thankful for that particular item.Then I will repeat for a few more pictures. As we talk about each picture I will add more jelly to the sandwich.
The next step in our PB&J Sandwich is the PB! The peanut butter represents: ‘We Ask Thee’. I will do the same activity that I did with the Jelly.
And the last part of our PB&J Prayer sandwich is the piece of bread which represents: ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen’.You could then close with a song about prayer or a short story from ‘The Friend’. Encourage the children to think about what they will say before they pray each day and then bear your testimony.
I am excited for this Sharing Time. I think it’s going to be alot of fun AND it will help the children to learn how to pray.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!

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