{Sharing Time} The Sacrament is a Time to Remember Jesus Christ.

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron)
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(matching scriptures with pictures): Write the following scripture references on the board:
I have come a long way from the original Punch-A-Box I first created…the Punch-A-Boxes I now use are simple (which is wonderful!).

Using a foam board, hot glue the number of plastic cups needed.For this idea you will need 5 cups. You could throw in a few extra cups and add some scenarios of different types of behavior during Sacrament. You could have the children do a ‘thumbs up’ for ways we should act during Sacrament or a ‘thumbs down’ for irreverent behavior.

Ex: I was teasing my sister during Sacrament (thumbs down).I read The Friend during Sacrament (thumbs up).
Now, on pieces of paper type/write the scripture references listed above. If you decide to add some scenarios be sure to type/write those onto pieces of paper as well.

Once your cups are glued to your foam board, place each of your pieces of paper inside of a cup.

Next, get some tissue paper and cut large square pieces (just make sure they’re large enough to fit over the mouth of the cup). Get a rubber-band and place the rubber-band around the tissue paper and the mouth of the cup.

To Play!

Around the room, place pictures depicting the events described in the scriptures (GAB 30, 47, 56, 57, and 59). Tell the children that the sacrament is a time to remember how much Jesus Christ loves us and all that He did for us.

Show the children your Punch-A-Box and explain that today they are going to be playing ‘Sacrament Punch’. Tell the children that inside each of these cups are different scriptures references. Show them the pictures around the room (or you can have them posted on a chalkboard) and explain that each scripture matches one of the pictures.

The children will Read More

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