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My sister called me today and told me she had a Sharing Time idea she would like to share.And since I LOVE it when others share their ideas, I told her I would definitely share it.Remember a few weeks ago I shared an idea where you used a Prize Wheel Spinner, well if you made one then get it out and use it again!I want to say thanks to my sister for sharing her awesome idea. Here is her idea:
Service SpinnerAnother great Prize Spinner Wheel Sharing Time Idea.Hi everyone I am Sheena’s sister Shawnna and how random is it that I am Primary President and Sheena is so crafty, who knows!!Well, I am always running to her blog on Saturday to find my lesson, yes guilty, because I have 4 kids and I am always a procrastinator. That is until last night I had a horrible dream that I showed up Sunday morning unprepared for my turn to teach so I sat down and wrote this out, with Sheena’s help of course because she made my spinner look so AWESOME! Well good luck hope this will help you guys out!! Feel free to change to accommodate your Primary. We live in a resort area so we usually have about 20 kids total but this Sunday we will probably have tons. Last Labor Day we had 650 people attend our ward, so we never know what it will be like.
On your Wheel you will need to have these categories:CTRBookwormTeacher’s ChoiceBrainiacTrue or FalseSuper StarYou Choose!
Here’s a little description and some examples for each category:
CTRThink of scenarios where you can question the children on what they would do in that situation.Examples:You and your mom see a little boy walking home from school and it is really cold outside…You see someone looking for something on the playground…You know you have dinner guests coming and the house is a mess and your mom is cleaning by herself…You know of an older woman who lives alone in your ward who is sick…Your best friend is in the hospital, or a child who is in your class…Your neighbor is carrying in all her groceries and there are lots…There is a widow in the ward whose grass is really long…A new family moves into the ward…You know of a little boy/girl who is younger than you who might need clothes…You have a friend at school who tells you that his family skips dinner most nights because they don’t have enough food…
BookwormFind several scriptures that are appropriate with the theme for this week: Service.Examples:Mosiah 2:17Mosiah 4:15D&C 42:30Mark 10:21Luke 6:35 3 Nephi 12:43-442 Nephi 26:30Moroni 7:47And in case you have lots of kids and run out of the above scriptures, here are some that are about serving the Lord:D&C 4:2Joshua 24:15John 12:26Galatians 5:13
Teacher’s ChoiceLet a teacher choose which category that child should do.
BrainiacHave scripture story pictures to show to the children.Ask if they know what that story is about, if not then read or tell the story to teach them.Gospel Art Book Pictures:41 Jesus Raising Jairus’s Daughter42 Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda46 The Ten Lepers47 Christ and the Children55 Jesus Washing the Apostles’ FeetI think another could be:56 Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (He was serving/saving each of us)You could also do Missionaries that are serving:109 Elders110 Sisters115 Service
True or FalseWhen someone lands on this category they will be asked a True or False question.Examples:If you are rich you never have to do service?If it is cold outside you don’t have to do service?Everyone should serve others?When you serve others you are being Christ-like? Little children are too young to do service?Holding a calling in church is service?When you are a Prophet you can stop serving?When you are home with your family you never need to serve them?
Super StarThe scripture that is provided in the Outline is Matt. 25:35-36 which talks about hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and someone in prison or a stranger.Have the children act out one of the actions in that scripture. If you run out of actions from the scripture have them act out serving someone else or they can always sing a song like: “I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly” or “ I’m Trying To Be like Jesus.”
You ChooseGive the child the opportunity to choose a category.
To Play: Invite a child up one at a time to spin the wheel. Once the wheel stops on a category have them do the appropriate action for that category.Continue until all the children have had a turn or until time runs out.

Need a Spinner?
{Would you like to make your own Prize Spinner Wheel? 
Then click Here to visit Natalie over at Doodlecraft for instructions.}

I want to say Thank you to my sister for her Awesome idea!Even if you used my Spinner Wheel idea a few weeks ago use it again. I know children LOVE spinning that wheel. :)
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!sheena

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