{Sharing Time} Priesthood Spin: 5Th Sunday Review Game

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Sunday is a 5th Sunday. In our ward the YM/YW usually teach Sharing Time, so that the primary workers can go to the 5th Sunday lesson. This time the YM are in charge, and since my husband happens to be the YM’s President, guess who gets to prepare the Sharing Time lesson….ME!
I decided to keep it simple and do a review of this month’s Sharing Time lessons, but add a fun twist.Today I am sharing a game I’m calling ‘Priesthood Spin’.
I decided to re-use an idea that I shared a few weeks ago. For this Sharing Time we are going to be using the ‘human spinner’ idea for our review game. Here’s more details:
At the front of the Primary room you will have a spinning office chair (either from home or from the church if you can borrow one). Just like a game spinner, you will need to mark off sections for your human spinner.For my idea you will have 3 different sections for the spinner. I created signs for each of the 3 sections, here they are:
Clipart from Melonheadz LDS IllustrationsPriesthood PowerThis section is a review from week 1. For this section you will be giving clues to the children for different Priesthood Ordinances. The children will try to guess which ordinance it is by the clues/pictures you give.You could also have several objects pictures in different bags for each ordinance. When the children land on this space hand them a bag and have them pull out the objects and have them try to guess which ordinance it is.
Click HERE to Print out my ‘Priesthood Power’ section sign.
Clipart from Melonheadz LDS IllustrationsTemple ?’sThis section is a review for week 2. For this section the children will be answering different questions about the temple.I also included a cute object lesson that I found on Latter-Day Chatter that you could share with the children once they have answered all the questions from this section.
Click HERE to Print out my Temple ?’s section sign.
Clipart from Melonheadz LDS IllustrationsI’m Going There SomedayThis section is a review for week 3. For this section the children will be picking body parts from a bag (mouth, hands, feet, ears, etc.). They will be sharing one thing they can do with that body part to prepare to go to the temple.
Click HERE to Print out my “I’m Going There Someday” section sign.
Click HERE to Print out my Body Part clipart page.{clipart from LDS.org}
How To Play:Set up your chair and tape off the 3 different sections needed for the game. Place the section signs on the floor inside the appropriate section.To get started…invite a child up to the front and have them take a seat in the chair. Have the child stick their legs out straight in front of them (that will be the pointer/arrow). Next is the fun part…SPIN!Where the child’s legs are pointing will be the section that they land on and will be quizzed from that section.Have the child answer the question from that section and then discuss it with all the primary children. Then pick a new child to come up and ‘Spin’.
You could do this as a whole primary or split them into teams and award points. You could also do Teachers Vs. Children. You could come up with some more challenging questions for the teachers if you want to.
Continue playing until all the questions have been answered or until time runs out.
Today I am sharing everything (except the chair) you will need for this Sharing Time! YAY!Just click the links above & below for the section signs, the body part clipart, and an outline of the questions for each section. 
Click HERE to print out my Priesthood Spin Question Sheet.
And that’s it!I hope you enjoy my Priesthood Spin review game.Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!sheena

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