{Sharing Time} “pray In Your Families Unto The Father…that Your [Families] May Be Blessed.”

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Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(seeing pictures and reciting a scripture): Show a picture of Jesus Christ, and tell the children that He taught, “Pray in your families unto the Father . . . that your [families] may be blessed” (3 Nephi 18:21). Repeat this scripture with the children a few times. Show a picture of a family praying, and discuss the picture with the children. Explain that in family prayer, we thank Heavenly Father for our blessings and ask Him to help and bless our families.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (singing and sharing ideas): Ask the children to form one or more circles. Sing “Family Prayer” (CS, 189). Invite each child to share something he or she might thank or ask Heavenly Father for in family prayer and then link arms with another child in the circle. When all the children are linked, emphasize how families are held together, blessed, and strengthened through family prayer.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
For this week I am sharing different ways of playing the ‘Encourage Understanding and Application” idea found in the outline. There are several different ways you could play, so take a look and pick which one fits best.
Prayer Punch:I thought it would be fun to create a Punch-A-Box and call it ‘Prayer Punch’. Inside each of your cups place a picture of a family member {ex: Mom, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, etc.} with either ‘Ask Thee’ or ‘Thank Thee’ written on the back. Invite a child up to the front and have them ‘Punch’ and then have them retrieve the picture from the cup. Have them think of something that particular person could pray for.Example: Let’s say inside the cup that was punched was a picture of a ‘Mother’ and ‘Thank Thee’ was written on the picture.The child could say that a Mother could Thank Heavenly Father for her family.If the picture had ‘Ask Thee’ the child could say that a Mother might ‘ask’ Heavenly Father to bless a sick family member, or to watch over her family.Family Prayer Link: I really like the idea of demonstrating how families are linked together. So for this idea you could create a ‘Family’ paper chain.On rectangle pieces of paper have a name or picture of a family member. On each piece of paper you could also write “Ask Thee” or “Thank Thee”.Place the papers inside of a ‘Punch-A-Box’, inside of balloons, underneath primary chairs or have them hidden around the room.Once a piece of the chain is found have the child think of something that that particular family member could pray for.Once he/she gives an answer attach it to the rest of your family paper chain.Once all pieces have been found attach each end to each other. Show the chain to the children and emphasize how families are held together, blessed, and strengthened through family prayer.
If you decide to use the ‘Punch-A-Box idea’ you could label 6 cups with each of the letters from P-R-A-Y-E-R. Inside the cups place your pieces of paper. Just punch the cups and have the child retrieve the paper from inside and answer the question.
I also created some Family Prayer Slips that you can use for your game (whichever you decide to use). Here is what they look like:

I made them long enough for those that may use the paper chain idea. Just click on the link and print them out!
Click HERE to print page 1 of my Family Prayer cards.
Click HERE to print page 2 of my Family Prayer cards.
Click HERE to print page 3 of my Family Prayer cards.

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to send me an email {littleldsideas(at)hotmail(dot)com}. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!sheena

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