{Sharing Time} My Body Is Created In The Image Of God

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Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing a reflection): Hold a mirror in front of a few children, and let them describe what they see (eyes, ears, mouth, and so on). Explain that what they saw was an “image” of themselves. Have the children listen for whose image we were created in as someone reads Genesis 1:27. Explain that God has eyes, ears, a mouth, and so on, and that is why we do too. (For younger children, consider having them wiggle or touch different body parts as you explain that God has them too.)
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION(playing a game): Draw or write the name of a different body part on each side of a square block or a paper cube. Ask the children to pass it around the room as they listen to or sing “The Lord Gave Me a Temple” (CS, 153). Stop the music randomly, and let the person holding the cube roll it. Ask, “How does Heavenly Father want you to use or take care of this part of your body?” Continue as time allows.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS IdeasThis week’s outline really doesn’t need any changes, it’s great as is. But I do have an activity that you could use to go along with the dice game.
On a large poster-board or sheet of paper, have a large outline of a body or large picture of a boy/girl with missing body parts {eyes, hands, mind, etc.}.Have the children pass around the dice while they sing. When the music stops have the person holding the cube roll it. Whatever body part it lands on ask they child, “How does Heavenly Father want you to use or take care of this part of the body?”After you have discussed that part of the body with the children, have the child dd the appropriate body part to the picture.Then continue singing and rolling.At the end of Sharing Time show the children the picture of the boy/girl with all the missing pieces in place. Bear your testimony of the importance of bodies and that we are all created by our Heavenly Father.
Potato Head IdeaYou could also bring in a Mr. Potato head to help you out.Have the children add the parts of the body as you talk about each one. And if you don’t want to use a dice then place the body pieces into a container and have the children take turns picking parts of the body.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time.sheena

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