{Sharing Time} Jesus Christ Was Resurrected, And I Will Be Too!

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Sharing Time Ideas from 2014 OutlineIdentify the doctrine (singing a song): Sing together “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (CS, 64) or “Jesus Has Risen” (CS, 70). Ask a child to explain what the song teaches. Tell the children that because Jesus Christ was resurrected, we all will be too. Hold the scriptures and explain that we know that Christ was resurrected because we can read about it in the scriptures. Explain that although we may not have seen the resurrected Christ, others have, and they have told us what they know.
Encourage understanding (listening to guest speakers): Ask a few adult members of your ward to come to sharing time and portray one of the following witnesses of the resurrected Christ: ·        Mary Magdalene (seeJohn 20:1–18),·        Thomas (see John 20:19–29),·        A Nephite man or woman (see 3 Nephi 11:1–1717), ·        Joseph Smith (see Joseph Smith—History 1:11, 14–17; see also D&C 76:22–24). Ask the ward members to share the scriptural account and bear testimony of Christ’s Resurrection.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

For this Sharing Time you will be dressing up like a detective to ‘find out more’ about the Resurrection.  To look like an inspector or detective, wear a trench coat and carry a large magnifying glass.Tell the children that you are looking for clues about the reality of the Resurrection/to learn more about the Resurrection.You will hide different ‘clues’ around the Primary room. Each set of clues will represent one of the witnesses of the resurrected Christ. Ask a few adult members to come to sharing time to portray one of the following witnesses of the resurrected Christ. Here is the list of witnesses as well as some ideas that you could use as clues.
CLUES: (1) MARY MAGDALENE:  ointment jar / Tell about being the first to come to the tomb—you saw Jesus in the garden, and He called your name / John 20:1, 11–16;(2)THOMAS: large nail / Describe how you felt when you touched the nail markings on Jesus / John 20:24–29;(3) NEPHITES: picture of the Savior appearing to the Nephites / Have one Nephite describe the resurrected Christ coming to them / 3 Ne. 11:6–12;(4) JOSEPH SMITH: Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants / Tell that you and Sidney Rigdon had a vision of Jesus Christ—read your testimony of that vision / Doctrine and Covenants 76:22–23 [D&C 76:22–23].
You could have each of your ‘clues’ inside of small boxes and have each box labeled #1-4. Have your clues hidden around the Primary room. Invite a child to come to the front to help you find the first clue. You can hand them a magnifying glass and a hat if you’d like.Once they find clue #1 have them open it up. Have them look at the object(s) inside of the box. Have them try to guess who this person is. Once they have figured out who it is invite the person (adult) into the room and share their scriptural account and testimony with the children.
After the person has shared their message with the children invite another child up to the front to help you find clue #2. Continue until all clues have been found and each of the witnesses have come in and shared their message.
Conclude that the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that the Holy Ghost is the strongest witness.{idea from The Friend, April 1999}
Some other Witnesses that you could use(1) GUARD / gold coin / Show the coin and tell how you were bribed to say that Jesus’ disciples took Him away in the night / Matthew 28:2–4, 11–15 [Matt. 28:2–4, 11–15]; (2) MARY / picture of the resurrected Savior / Explain that you were another woman who saw the resurrected Lord and that you touched His feet / Matthew 28:1, 5–10 [Matt. 28:1, 5–10]; Luke 24:10;(3) PETER and JOHN (the disciple “whom Jesus loved”) / linen cloth / Tell about running to the empty tomb and finding only Jesus’ burial clothes / John 20:2–10;(4) DISCIPLES (a class or several boys) / picture of resurrected Jesus with disciples / Have one person describe how the Savior appeared to you, even though the door was shut / John 20:19–20;(5) DISCIPLE / picture of a fish or honeycomb / Tell how the Savior ate fish and honey, showing that He has a body of flesh and bone /Luke 24:41–43;(6) CLEOPAS / walking staff / Tell about walking and talking with the Lord on the way to Emmaus / Luke 24:13–19, 30–32;(7) PAUL / “500” written on a piece of paper / Testify that you and more than 500 other people saw Christ after He was resurrected / 1 Corinthians 15: heading, 6–8 [1 Cor. 15:6–8];
I really liked the ‘detective’ idea for this Sharing Time. It’s fun enough to catch/keep the children’s attention, but with the witnesses coming in and bearing their testimony it will be spiritual as well.
HERE are some other Sharing Time ideas about the Resurrection that I have shared in the past.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!sheena

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