{Sharing Time Idea} Prophets Teach Me To Pay Tithing: 3Rd Week Sharing Time Idea For May 2013

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Sharing Time Ideas from 2013 Primary OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (reading a scripture): Explain that Malachi was an Old Testament prophet who taught the people to pay their tithing. Ask a child to read Malachi 3:10 as the other children listen for what the Lord promises us if we pay tithing. Explain that “open you the windows of heaven” refers to blessings we receive when we pay tithing.
ENCOURAGING UNDERSTANDING (seeing an object lesson): Invite 10 children to the front of the room. Give each one an apple (or other fruit) and ask them to hold their apples up and pretend to be apple trees. Have another child “pick” the apples and put them into a basket. Explain that tithing is one-tenth of what we earn and is usually paid with money, but there have been times when people paid with whatever they had. Ask how many apples the child would give to the bishop for tithing.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing tithing): Show a tithing receipt and envelope. Discuss the process of paying tithing. Invite children to share how their families have been blessed by paying tithing. Bear testimony of the blessings that come from obeying the prophet’s counsel to pay tithing.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas Begin your Sharing Time using the Identify Doctrine idea from the outline. Discuss Malachi and discuss with the children why we need to pay tithing. You could even discuss some of the things that our tithing does for the church.For the younger children you could also do the Encourage Understanding activity to help them understand a little better.
After you have introduced the topic of the week through the above activities you could play my ‘Tithing Piggy Banks’ activity. Here’s how to play.
Tithing Piggy Banks:For this Sharing Time activity you will need several piggy banks lined up at the front of the Primary Room. If you don’t have a bunch of piggy banks lying around your house then get a picture of a piggy bank and attach it to a jar or other container.Here is what I was thinking. I found my piggies on Microsoft Word.
You will also need a piggy bank labeled ‘Blessing Bank’.
On each of your piggy banks you will need to have different money amounts (this will be the amount of tithing that will be paid during the game). My two piggies had .10 and $1.00.
For each piggy bank you will need a scenario that matches that dollar amount. So, for my two piggy banks I could do something like this:“You earned $1.00 for ironing your Dad’s shirt. How much tithing would you need to pay?”Answer: $.10
“Today was your birthday! Your received a card from your Grandma with $10.00 inside. You remember to pay your tithing first. How much would you need to pay for tithing?”Answer: $1.00
Have the scenarios typed/written onto pieces of paper and post them all around the Primary Room.You could place the scenarios inside of envelopes or have them typed/written on the back of pictures, get creative. :)
To Play:Have your piggy banks lined up at the front of the Primary Room along with the ‘Blessing Bank’.
Invite a child to find a scenario somewhere in the Primary room. Read the scenario aloud.Have the child figure out how much tithing they would need to pay for that amount (the younger ones may need help with this part). Once they have the correct amount have them place some money (play money) inside the appropriate piggy bank. You could also have them place the money inside a tithing envelope and then place it in the piggy bank.

The Blessing Bank:This piggy bank will help the children learn how we are blessed through paying our tithing.Make up some stories or find some in previous ‘Friend’ magazines.As the children ‘pay’ their tithing randomly choose a child to be ‘blessed’. You could give them a little ‘Blessing’ token or paper whenever they have been blessed. Then have them go to the blessing bank and pick out a blessing.Read the story aloud and discuss it with the children.You could have the blessing attached to a fun little treat or just have the stories typed onto pieces of paper.
I’m sure you could come up with a really cute little treat that goes right along with blessings, my creative juices are just not flowing right now. :)Pass the treats around so all the children can enjoy the ‘blessings’ of paying tithing. :)
Another Idea for the Blessing Bank:You could also do something with a window if you talked about Malachi and how the windows of heaven will be open to you.Make a window that the children can open when they receive a blessing from paying their tithing. Have the stories inside the window for the children to choose from.

I hope you like my “Tithing Piggy Bank” idea. Sorry it’s not more detailed, but I know that you can come up with a great idea.If you use my piggy bank idea let me know how it goes, and if you use it, but change it some way I would love to hear it.
Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!
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