{Sharing Time} Heavenly Father Wants Me To Marry In The Temple & Have An Eternal Family.

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Sharing Time Ideas from the 2013 OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing a picture): Show a picture of a couple standing in front of the temple in their wedding clothes. Ask the children why Heavenly Father wants us to be married in the temple. Explain that when we are married in the temple, our families can be eternal.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (hearing testimonies): Invite a few teachers, including couples, to share blessings they have received because of the temple and temple marriage. Ask the children to listen for specific blessings as the teachers share their thoughts. Make a list of these blessings on the board.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION: Ask a few children to stand and share why they would like to be married in the temple and what they can do now to prepare for that blessing.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS IdeasI have a great game to play for your sharing time this week. There are 2 different ways to play. So keep on reading and see what you think. 
Sharing Time Activity:Prepare by creating a temple puzzle: Find a picture of a temple and cut it into 6 pieces.
Prepare six items that represent things the children can do to prepare themselves to go to them Temple. You can use pictures or objects to represent these things.You can have things like:PrayStudy ScripturesGo to Churchor any of ‘My Gospel Standards’ would be great.
Place the 6 items into 6 bags and label the bags 1-6.Inside each sack you will place a puzzle piece along with the object.
Hand out all 6 sacks to the children. Choose a child to stand up front and give two or three instructions for the Primary to pass the sacks (for example, pass it three people to the right, pass it forward once). He or she then calls out a number from 1 to 6. The person holding that sack opens it and guesses what the item represents.Ask the child how that item can help us prepare to go to the temple. Discuss it with the children. You could also find some stories for each object or invite some parents in to talk about how doing that (praying, studying scriptures, etc.) helped them prepare to go to the temple.
Once you have discussed what the item represents have the child get the puzzle piece and place it in the appropriate place {have the children place the puzzle piece onto a chalkboard or bulletin board so everyone can see it}.Choose a new child to be a leader and repeat for each sack.
Once all the sacks have been opened and the puzzle is complete encourage remind the children that Heavenly Father wants each of them to go to the Temple. Encourage them to set a goal to be married in the Temple so that they can have an Eternal Family.
Another Way to Play:Instead of using a puzzle you could try using a game board.
Clipart from Nikki of Melonheadz LDS Illustrations

On a poster-board have a create your game board by having a starting point with a boy or girl as your marker. Draw a pathway from the ‘start’ to the other side of the poster-board. At the end of the pathway have a temple.As the children reveal each item in the sack have them move a certain number of spaces (you could have them roll a dice or have them move the number of spaces that their bag was labeled as). 
I created a game board for you to use if you’d like. Just print it out and use it for your sharing time. I’m not sure if you could have it printed any larger than 8 1/2 X 11, but if you do and it works let me know.I also want to say Thanks to Nikki over at Melonheadz LSD Illustrations for creating these adorable illustrations. Stop by her blog and take a look at all her great clipart.
Click Here to print my Temple game board.

Thanks for stopping by!Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time.


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