{Sharing Time} Answers To Prayers Come From Heavenly Father In Many Ways.

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Sharing Time Idea from 2013 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (playing a game): Before Primary, write on the board, “Answers to prayers come from Heavenly Father in many ways,”and cover each word with a separate piece of paper. Have a child remove one piece of paper, and ask the children to guess what the sentence is. Repeat until the children discover the sentence, and ask them to read it together.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Tell the children that Joseph Smith prayed to know which church to join. Read together Joseph Smith—History 1:17 to find how his prayer was answered (through a visit from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ). Tell the children that Alma prayed that his son, Alma the Younger, would learn the truth. Read together Mosiah 27:11 to find how Alma’s prayer was answered (an angel appeared to Alma the Younger). Explain that most answers to prayers come in other ways. On separate pieces of paper write the following scriptures that describe ways prayers may be answered: D&C 6:22–23 (through peaceful feelings); D&C 8:2 (through thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts); Mosiah 27:36 (through the actions of other people); and 2 Nephi 32:3 (through the scriptures). Place the pieces of paper in a container. Have a child draw one and read it. Look up the scripture reference, read it together, and ask the children what each scripture teaches about how Heavenly Father answers prayers.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (hearing stories): Invite four guests to share a story illustrating one of the ways that prayers are answered. The examples may come from personal experiences, Church magazines, or the scriptures. Invite the children to ask their families at home about times when their prayers have been answered.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas Before I share my idea I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you who have remembered my family and our community in your prayers. Thank you for all of your kind comments & emails, I truly appreciate them.As of yesterday, we are allowed to return home, but are still on ‘Pre-Evacuation’. The fire is now close to 50% contained.
The fire crews did such an amazing job working so hard to save our town & many homes. A few days ago we were still not allowed to return to our home, so I decided to drive down to Utah and visit my sister.So until next Wednesday I’ll be in Utah hangin’ out with my sister.
Sharing Time IdeaShow the children a telephone or another form of communication. Discuss how it is used. Ask the children how we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain that just as we dial a number to talk to someone on the phone, we can pray to communicate with Heavenly Father. Explain to the children that as we pray and ask our Heavenly Father for help or for guidance He will answer our prayers. But Heavenly Father doesn’t always answer our prayers the same way. There are different ways that we can receive answers to our prayers.
At the front of the room, on a poster-board, have 4 large pictures of telephones. At the top of your Poster-board you could have the title, “Answers to Prayers Come from Heavenly Father in Many Ways.” On the back of each telephone, have one of the following phrases written on the back:Through peaceful feelings.
Through thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts.  Through the actions of other peopleThrough the scriptures.
Invite a child up to the front and have them pick a telephone.Have the child read the phrase on the back of the telephone (do not read out loud).Once they have read the phrase and understand it they will have to either act it out or draw clues for the other Primary children.
Give the child so many seconds to either act it out or draw and have the other children try to guess how we can receive answers to our prayers.
Once the children have guessed correctly, read the scripture that goes with that phrase:D&C 6:22–23 (through peaceful feelings);D&C 8:2 (through thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts);Mosiah 27:36 (through the actions of other people);and 2 Nephi 32:3 (through the scriptures).
After you have read the scripture you could share a story from ‘The Friend’, a scripture story, or invite a parent to share a time when their prayer was answered in that particular way.

Another Idea:Telephone MazeFor this Sharing Time I thought it would be fun to do a life-size cord maze. This is what I’m talking about:Maze from Netplaces.comDo you recognize these ‘Follow the Line’ type puzzles/mazes?That’s what I was thinking, but Life-Size.
For this idea you will have 4 telephones with 4 different scriptures on each telephone. Attached to each telephone will be a long string, and at the end of that string will be a ‘word bubble’ with the phrase of how our prayers are answered.

Click Here to Print my telephone Clip art.
You will place the 4 phones on one side of the room (you could have them attached to a foam board/bulletin board). On the other side of the room you will have the word bubbles, and in between you will have a mess of string or yarn.
To begin the game, invite a child up to the front and have them pick a phone. Then have them guess which word bubble goes with that scripture (I was thinking of having them guess before you read the scripture).Next, read the scripture aloud. Ask the children if they picked the correct word bubble. If not have everyone find the correct word bubble and then ‘un-tangle’ the phone cord. Place the phone and word bubble off to the side where everyone can see it. Continue until all of the scriptures have been read and the phones have been untangled.
Review the different ways our prayers are answered. Bear your testimony.
Alright, that’s my idea for this week. I hope you like it and I hope it makes sense. :)Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!sheena

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