Sharing scripture counsel with serving missionaries

By Darcie Johnson Mangum

Darcie Johnson Mangum


#DandC30thru32 class was amazing today! I had decided to have the students read these sections, looking for their favorite counsel and encouragement for missionaries, and then we would make a collage of their favorite phrases and verses to give to our elders and sisters serving in our ward. So they read, and when time to share, I didn’t even have to draw names, because they all had their hands up eager to share. It was beautiful! We didn’t have time for the collages, will do tomorrow.
I had started off by sharing a YouTube Clip of a young man opening his mission call, I think it’s called “my lds mission call!” ( couldn’t figure out how to post it here), but it’s so funny and sweet, the young man is so excited he’s yelling and screaming, and falls down the stairs. It’s perfect with D&C 31:3 “lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission has come..” I asked why is a mission such a joyous occasion? And got some good discussion with that too.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group


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