Setting Our Hearts Now

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One of our activities this month consisted of decorating cookies, cutting out hearts and then “heart Attacking” some of our girls we have not seen lately.

Since it was before Valentines day we wanted to think about our Hearts, what they are set on and what their treasures are.

What are the things that occupy our Hearts? What is most important to us?

How do our choices and decisions show what is in our Heart? Can we change what is in our Hearts?

In the lesson “Why do my choices matter” 
One of the scriptures we are asked to look up is John 14:15
“If ye love me keep my commandments”

“Our good choices show our love for Heavenly Father and our desire to do his will”

When we truly love our Heavenly Father we will want to keep the commandments and that love will help us have the strength to continue to do so.
In Sister Dalton’s talk “Guardians of Virtue” she talks about making decisions now of what you will always do, such as attend all Sunday meetings, get married in the Temple and things you will never do like- drink alcohol, try illegal drugs. 

 Setting our Hearts on the things that are the most important now will help us make good decisions in the future.

It was a very fun activity and could be done at anytime not just around Valentines day :)
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