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Our Stake Seminary supervisor gave a wonderful “Top Ten” list presentation at our recent Inservice meeting.
She has taught Early Morning Seminary for the last 5 years and her list is excellent. These are the Top Ten items after:

  • Praying for your students
  • Daily reading
  • Invite the spirit to your life by daily prayer, reading, and application of the gospel


  1. Attend monthly Inservice Meetings -Learn from other teachers, CES Supervisor, Stake Supervisor, Feel the Spirit, Charge your spiritual and emotional battery
  2. Bring Enthusiasm-even when you are tired, especially when your students are tired and dragging.
  3. Set the tone and invite the spirit by creating a classroom atmosphere the students can feel the spirit in by:
  • Arrive early to set up and straighten up
  • Have reverent music playing as students arrive
  • Greet each student with a smile and positive words
  • Post a greeting on the board
  • Display a picture of Christ

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Example: students are going to be late, just don’t let that detract from you feeling the spirit
  • Some days are going to be better than others. If you have an “off” day, shake it off and prepare for the next day

5. Have a class routine

  • Start and end on time
  • Assign devotionals, prayers, and hymns in advance
  • Use student grade sheets for signing in and recording reading (Have a consistent method for recording daily attendance and reading)
  • Have a clock by the sign in sheets so students can note their arrival time (late, on time, etc)
  • Bins and Organization for supplies

6. Classroom Management

  • Parent-Student Meeting the week before Seminary starts for explaining start times, course of study, behavior expectations, etc
  • ELBA (Edified and Loved By All) This was their classroom motto. When a student was stepping over the line with behavior or comments, she would remind them “ELBA” She posted “ELBA” on the board as part of her classroom set up.
  • If necessary, have assigned seats to minimize distractions
  • Let students assist in deciding a few basic rules of respect and behavior. Post them for all to see.

7. Follow a Teaching Schedule-do not get behind8. Use website, CES Videos, Bible Videos, Mormon Messages. Always use counsel of Prophets and Apostles. Never your own opinion or outside materials.9. Remember-Seminary is much more than a Sunday School Class. Use variety, student involvement, reinforcement games and activities. Always keep them guessing what you will do next10. New teachers- receive a Setting Apart Blessing (if you are returning-ask for a blessing for the new year) Listen for guidance and counsel in the blessings you receive and follow them.
I know there are many other ideas to share, but these are truly the top 10 after Prayer, Study, and Application.Please share some of your Top Ten advice for early morning Seminary Teachers.

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