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The new Seminary Teacher’s Manual is WONDERFUL!!!!!It is organized and very well-written. I am looking forward to using it all year.I could write on and on about some of the things I love, but this is a post about the actual manual, not the contents.I love the spiral binding, however, after only a few weeks, my manual was falling apart. The front cover was torn and separating from the binding. At that point, the manual had only been used on my desk so I knew that once I starting transporting it, the condition would quickly deteriorate.
My solution:

  • I removed the spiral binding,
  • Trimmed the page edges
  • 3-hole punched the pages
  • Placed the entire manual in a 3-ring binder.

See below for a few tips on using the best binder.Best Binder features:

  • A clear pocket for the front page of the manual
  • The ability for the binder front cover to fold back (under) the manual when you have it open.
  • Make sure the 3 rings have a flat side (see photo below)
  • Pockets inside the front and back covers.
  • Enough room to add tabbed dividers and clear page protectors for holding other teaching and class information such as: class list, journal information, handouts, quotes, General Conference talks, Scripture Mastery information, attendance, notes, reading charts, devotional schedules, etc. Make it work for you and your teaching style

I am already finding this to be a great way to keep my teaching materials organized.

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