Seminary Sundays

By Beth Slazak Beth Slazak:
Ashley Bryant and Lisa Nichols Henry this is for you:
Back story: our ward covers 9 school districts and it would take about an hour to drive it end to end. We used to have Seminary class on Sunday before church. My son was missing Seminary because he would spend every other weekend at my ex-husband’s home. To facilitate him graduating from Seminary, my Bishop called me to run a second class, this one an early morning class for my son and another girl in our school district who was not attending the week study class either. It went pretty well, but then we got a new Bishop. The next school year the new Bishop wanted only early morning Seminary. He believed in the “send them to school with at least two prayers and a scripture in their belly” philosophy. To solve the time/space continuum dilemma of distance and school start times that vary by 2 hours, we started having class on-line, with a Skype-like program. Because we don’t meet in person, one of the mom’s thought that we should have a fellow-shipping type activity. So Seminary Sundays were born. We meet about once a month after church. That other mom and I bring a main course (like taco meat) and everyone else is given a food assignment (like cheese or a dessert) and we eat and then do something fun – like Scripture Mastery games or something. The kids all love it, and it becomes a bonding time for all of us. We live in the Western NY area, so for most of them, there isn’t another member in their school. This is their hanging out time.
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