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During the last week of Seminary, I used all the items I gave them for a review of the year. Surprisingly, many still have all of their items in the pouch “pocket” I gave them. More importantly, many of them remembered exactly what each item represented.
This is proof to me that sending a “piece of the lesson” out the door with my students helped to reinforce the message.
As a teacher, I know that involving more than one of the senses and a variety of teaching methods/tools is the most effective approach. I have written this before, yet it is worth repeating: It is so important to not use TOO MANY tools in one lesson, yet you must use a variety or methods and tools with each and every lesson-especially early in the morning.

Seminary In My Pocket evolved “by accident” but ended up as a very effective teaching tool. Many times it was an quick idea that popped into my head the night before class (I am hoping the late night inspiration shifts more to day time next year)
Above is a photo of the organza bags I ordered from AMAZON. Students chose their own color and wrote their names on them with sharpies. They carried these in their scripture totes or backpacks.

Below is a list of the objects I used. Some need no explanation. Some can be used so many ways (such as rocks) Search my blog for details of many of the items. I did not record every item as I went along which is why I am making this list.
As a teacher, you can use this as a springboard and create what will work best for you and your students.
After all, it is all about the students.

  • Rocks (Pebbles for their pockets to remind them about the large rocks in casting stones, or a solid foundation, A name for Christ, etc)
  • Penny (Widow’s mite, worth of souls)
  • Quarter with a happy face (worth of souls, atonement was for you-you are worth it)
  • Mustard Seed
  • Rivet  (Keep eyes riveted on Prophets and Apostles)
  • Small plastic Army character (Armor of God)
  • Rubber Band (We wore these to remind us to think pure thoughts)
  • Small wooden heart (Love one another, Christ’s love)
  • Button (Use kind words-button your lips)
  • Plastic spider ring (Dont get caught in Satan’s web)
  • Seeds (growing our testimonies)
  • Small jingle bell (Used quote by Elaine Cannon on be a bellringer-example and light to the world- could als use with feed my sheep, lambs, etc.)
  • Small Birthday Candle (Ye are the light of the world)
  • Gold Coin (Parable of the lost coin)
  • Water Bottle Cap (from plastic water bottle-The Living Water)
  • Faux craft gem (Your infinite worth)
  • Eraser with a happy face (The Atonement will erase our sins which bring us joy)
  • A Walnut in the shell (this was from a lesson on prioritizing and goal setting)
  • Mini pumpkins (the harvest and gratitude)
  • Wheat Berries (The Bread of Life-we ground the wheat and made bread and homemade butter)
  • Small pieces of palm leaves from our Palm Sunday experience. Some of them made book marks with the palm leaves and still had them on the last day.
  • Small sample tube of toothpaste (I did not give this out but wish I had thought ahead to have one for each student when we used toothpaste to teach the power of words-details are posted on this blog)

I know there are a few more but this is what I have written down and what my post-Seminary year brain can recall. Most of the items are every day items or things I have at home in my craft supplies. The idea is to not spend $ and be creative with what you already have.Another note: I did not use food for Seminary in My Pocket items as I wanted them to be items that would last throughout the school year and beyond. I used food plenty of times in object lessons, but not for Seminary in My Pocket.
If you have ideas for Seminary in My Pocket items, please leave a comment. Let’s share!

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