Seminary Christmas Ideas

By Coleen Machiel Castro Coleen Machiel Castro:
Just curious: I’m proposing my class have a little service project this Christmas. We usually have a gift exchange, but I am asking my kids to bring $5 to our get together. I will match their $5. We will purchase a gift for a girl and one for a boy and donate it to the Sleep Train Foster Kids program in our area. What do you have planned for your class? Do any of you do service projects during the year?
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Katie Hogan Pavone: I thought about a service project. We have two classes in our Ward that we were going to bring together and do a gift exchange. We are finalizing the details but we were thinking a gift based on a scripture mastery. (4 hours ago) 1

Wendi Gunn: We just had lesson 55 and it talks about service and the saints in Ohio were commanded to take in the saints from New York.. We live near a volcano so I proposed the scenario that if the vocano erupted and the saints up on the hill where we live were asked to take in the saints from the valley right below us how would they feel? What questions would they have about who they were taking in? What do they think the people who were displaced would think and feel about the situation? Then I challenged them to try to have a service experience this week. Something more meaningful than dropping coins in the Salvation Army kettle…. I even offered to give them a makeup day if they would report their experience back to the class or me privately. (

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