Sections 19 & 20 Worksheets


Section 19 is full of wonderful doctrines and principles. Here I have a worksheet that helps your students learn to identify some of those doctrines and principles in the scriptures by matching the principle with the verses. Make sure to take time and discuss the powerful principles and why it would be important to know these truths.

Section 20 has the blessing on the bread prayer. So below I have a fill-in-the-blank for the Sacrament prayer. Beware that if their teacher last year uses stuff that I share, your students may already have used this worksheet in May with Moroni 4. But it could also be thought of as a quiz if they have learned the prayer better since then. I think the most important principle with the sacrament prayers is that they memorize the 3 promises they covenant with the Lord during the Bread prayer, and also what the Lord promises in return.

It is also fun to ask the kids if the sacrament prayer in Moroni 4 and D&C 20:77 are exactly the same. Have them look for the difference. There is only one difference; towards the end of the prayer, the D&C version says “has” where the Book of Mormon version says, “hath”. Then ask the class which prayer do we use as a church, or does it even matter. It does matter and the one that is put on the cards for the Priests to read has the D&C version. Why? Because as a Church, we always go with the most recent revelation from God. So if when they are on missions and they need to bless the bread, ask them to use the D&C version in Section 20.

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