Scripture Scatergories: Names And Titles Of Jesus Christ

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Review of The Names and Titles of Jesus ChristSee the photos below. They explain more than some of my words

  • I divided my class in to 3 teams (I have 24 students. Smaller teams work best-I would do 4 teams next time-just so there is an opportunity for more participation from each student)
  • I had 3 chalkboards set up in the Cultural Hall
  • Each team had 5 minutes to list as many names and titles of Jesus Christ they could remember
  • The teams were set up around the room far away from each other so they could not hear  the others’ conversations and they were in a position that they could not see the other teams’ boards.
  • At the end of 5 minutes, we rolled the boards next to each other and compared the lists.
  • As I called out a name from the 1st team’s board, if others got it, then a line went through the name
  • If they were the only team to list that name they got 3 points
  • After we check all three boards, they tallied up the points (1 point=for a name/title that the others listed, 3 points= for a name/title that no one else listed)

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