Scripture Mastery Wall And Room Set Up

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I bought the download for these Scripture Mastery Cards fromShannon at The Redheaded Hostess. It was worth every penny to havegreat color and picture clues to go with the key words.Above the Scripture Mastery Cards is the Book of Mormon timeline.In a perfect world,  I would love to leave my classroom set up all the time but thisis the Relief Society Room so everything (except for these cards and the timeline)is stored in the cabinets. Below  is how our room looks each morning as the students enter and exit.The exception is if they want their journal locked in the cabinet, they place it ina bin near the door and I lock that bin up each night. When they enter, they retrievetheir journal from the bin rather than having it sit at their seat.I tell the students that if they leave the room neat and orderly, others will respectour room during the week and leave it the alone. Generally, this is true.Our building is used by two wards, but the members and leaders are very supportive of Seminary and keeping our room neat and clean.Below is our white board easel. This greets the students each day with a quote, questions, or review facts.We usually read the quote together and underline key words or phrases.Tuesday, starts week 3, already! 

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