Scripture Mastery Student Experts

By Stefani Lindsey Meyer

Sunday I attended an inservice meeting where it was suggested to assign each kid a #scripturemastery scripture that they become the “expert” on and teach the class everything they need to know about that particular scripture. (Key words, context, memorizing techniques etc) Monday I had the kids each sign up for the one(s) they wanted. — I have 13 kids so they each got 2, and the person in charge of JSH only has the one.– It’s only been a week but I’ve seen a huge jump in the comprehension of SM. If nothing else, the kid who is in charge of each scripture will learn it. I guess it’s giving them a feeling of ownership. They are jazzed about it. They have written “I’M THE SCRIPTURE MASTER” next to them in their scriptures. I’m also having the other kids pass those scriptures to them. The kid with D&C 6:36 has been very busy, LOL.
I used to do this. We took a class day and held a big “draft” where the kids picked their own scriptures. They were thus dubbed “Scripture Masters” for their selected verses. I had very good success.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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