Scripture Mastery – Pre-Assign

By Tara Brannelly Hale

Trying something new for #scripturemastery tomorrow. I preassigned students to teach 4 different verses (1 to each of the student). We will have station for each SM. The assigned students will teach it and then they will have the group play the SM wave game:
The group sits in a circle. One student starts “the wave” but raising up out of his/her seat and saying the first word of the scripture(s). Then their neighbor stands and says the next word. This continues around the circle until it is completed (including the ref). The student teacher times them. (I’ll let them use their stopwatch app on their phone)
The teams will rotate through all 4 stations (hopefully) and then we will tally up the times and see who is the fastest :)
I was surprised at how many students wanted to teach. I’s nice to have volunteers.
Tara, this is a wonderful Idea – this past year we were encouraged by our CES area director to allow students the opportunity to teach entire lessons – it was a wonderful experience! I choose dates during the school term for student lessons and they place their names next to the date that they want to teach – and they are given the lesson material at least a week in advance to prepare – we have had wonderful results! This will continue next year when we start in Jan again.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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