Scripture Mastery Posters

By Shauna Three weeks in to teaching and these Scripture Mastery posters have proven to be money well-spent:
Click HERE for link.
The past 2 years, I have printed the posters myself and they were not as effective or durable.
The first day of the week, I post the Scripture Mastery verse on the front wall where it is visible to all. Each morning we repeat it, using various memorization techniques, and work toward having in memorized by Friday.
Something I find effective for reciting Scripture Mastery verses is:
We always stand while we are reciting the verse.
If the students know the verse, they face the back wall, if they are still working on it, they face the front wall and read the parts the need to. By then end of the week, most students are facing the back wall.

Source:: Seminary at Six AM – Shauna H.

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