Scripture Mastery Mnemonics Handout

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Picture        One of the toughest parts of Scripture Mastery is helping students learn the reference from the key words.  A teacher suggested that I put together the new mnemonics on a one page handout like I’ve done with past years.  This can help you go over a group of them on a given day.
       I suggest on one day of the week, you go over 8 or 12 of them, let them practice with each other, and then focus on those when doing activities and games with scripture mastery. This way, in a few weeks, you would have gone over and practiced all of the 25 Scripture Mastery mnemonics.  There are instructions on the handout of how to use mnemonics effectively.
       Under the “Scripture Mastery” tab at the top of the website, you will see “Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery” where you will see other uses with the mnemonics and learning the scripture masteries. 

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