Scripture Mastery Ideas-Part 1

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“To memorize a scripture is to forge a new friendship.It is like discovering a new individual who can help in time of need, give inspiration and comfort and a source of motivation for a needed change.”-Elder Richard G Scott-This quote by Elder Scott is one I use when teaching my students the importance of Scripture Mastery. Last year as an end of year gift, I printed this quote and framed it for each student. I encourage them to recognize the importance of surrounding themselves with the scriptures as friends.
I will call this list, Scripture Mastery tips, Part 1, as I will add to it as the year progresses. 

  • Make sure each student has a set of Scripture Mastery Cards. When my students register for the new year, I give them a set of cards when they return their completed registration form. The cards are hole-punched and held together with a metal book ring, see a photo HERE. Students are encouraged  to carry their set of cards in their pockets, back-packs, etc. and become familiar with all 25 scriptures, one at a time.
  • The first week of class, I introduced all 25 Scripture Mastery selections. On the wall, I have posters with the references, keywords, and picture clues for each scripture. They are posted in order.
  • Each student is encouraged to choose a specific color and method for marking the Scripture Mastery verses that is different that any other marking in their scriptures-something that will catch their attention immediately when they flip through their books. 
  • Students are encouraged to mark all 25 scriptures with the key words written on the same page. This is a personal choice and each student will approach their scripture marking a little bit differently than their peers. Encourage them to do what works best for them.
  • I gave the students 1 week to complete the scripture marking assignment. Those who completed this assignment were rewarded with a treat (a giant cookie)
  • After the first week, we work on 1 scripture per week, going in order.
  • For each scripture, I make a poster with the full verse(s) and a poster with just the first letter of each word.
  • We ALWAYS STAND when we recite Scripture Mastery verses. It gives more attention and emphasis to the verses as well as it gets the students more involved and engaged. The more senses involved and more emphasis given, the better students will learn.
  • If a student can say the verse without looking, I tell them to turn around and face the back wall. As the week progresses a few more students gain enough confidence to turn around and face the back wall.
  • During the week, I plan a reinforcement activity for the scripture of the week, such as the Scripture Scramble Post-It Note activity seen HERE and HERE
  • In a few weeks, I will plan Scripture Mastery activities that include all the verses we have worked on up to this point and add those we have worked on as the year progresses. 
  • In the Parent-Student Back-To School Meeting and during the first week of class, I introduce the qualifications for Master Scriptorian, Scriptorian, and Scripture Scholar Awards. Students are encouraged to memorize the scriptures in a manner that they are comfortable with. I tell them that I want the scriptures to become part of their hearts. More information HERE, HERE or HERE
  • We have a chart for students to put a star or happy face sticker near their name and the verses they memorize. 
  • Each time a student memorizes a scripture, they have the option to choose a treat from a jar of treats that is a little more special than the “on-time” to class treats.
  • Students know that they are welcome to recite scriptures to me any morning before class from 5:45-5:55 or after class or by appointment on Sundays, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, or they are welcome to stop by my house. I make myself available as best I can. Since my class covers 2 wards, it can get a little busy sometimes.
  • Students who don’t think they can memorize gain confidence and make progress as the year goes forward. It is a blessing to watch the “lights turn on” in their minds and hearts.
  • I do all I can to help students taste and feel success. If they struggle with memorization, I help them see that they can earn the Scripture Scholar Award just by participating in the weekly Scripture Mastery class activities.

I have an average of 25 students per day. Even with this large number of students, Scripture Mastery is a priority and the majority of the students have “caught the vision” of Scripture Mastery with only 5 weeks of class behind us.
As the year goes on, I will post additional Scripture Mastery helps.

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