Scripture Mastery Games for small classes

By Tom Fuhriman

Anyone have any good scripture mastery games? I have a small class of 10 students.
We played musical chairs. The person who doesn’t get a chair has to write/say at least 3 words to whatever scripture mastery we are studying. The last person out has to finish it up. My students are super competitive so they made it exciting.
My class averages 6. We’ve played Hyperventilate (use wide/milkshake straws if you can find them) and Beat It from Mormon Share. The kids loved both. I’m working on a version of Mad Gab too.
Thanks for the suggestions.
We played spoons the other day, they loved it!
Khipi Parker will you please share the Mad Gab when you finish?
Spoons and kiss or cry are my class favorites.
Human Tic Tac Toe is fun. The team who finds it first gets to place a person on the board. Once on the board they don’t scripture chase. It’s fun.
We do spoons a lot.
If you have gym with wooden floors glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls are a lot of fun. I shut the accordion divider and use the smallest side of the gym. I use 12 balls with points written on them, 5, 10, 15, and one with 25. Put the balls in a little bowl or basket on a small table in between the two teams. Each team has a trashcan with glow-in-the-dark duct tape around the top that is placed a good distance away. Each team has a “shooter” stationed at the table. I call out a scripture mastery clue, the teams chase, the first team who all find the scripture their shooter gets to take one ball at a time then they bounce or throw their ball into the trashcan basket. After the first team finds the scripture I count to 10 and then turn off the lights, at that point the other team may start shooting. I let one person from each team sit behind the baskets and rebound the balls by rolling them back to the table. I let them shoot for 20 seconds or so and then I count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and turn the lights on. Count the points for each team gather the balls back into the bowl and start over. This game is a LOT of fun but it is important that everyone stay seated so no one gets hurt in the dark! I tell the kids I have a strict NO blood policy when playing games! Yeah…that might have happened the first time we played this game a few years ago…#glowinthedark #scripturemasterygame
Make sure to charge the balls and the tape really well so they glow well. I have the kids do this with their cell phones during our opening.
We played Steal The Bacon. Assign two students the same SM, doing this for as many SM’s as you want. Divide two teams on both sides of the room. Put an item, the bacon, in the center of the room. Call out the SM clue and two students assigned to that SM come to the middle for the bacon. The object being to bring the “bacon” home before getting tagged by their opponent. If they make it back to their side with the bacon, without being tagged by their opponent, they get that point. If they get tagged before reaching their side with the bacon, the other team gets the point. As the game progressed, I call out two SM clues (be it key words, context or appl).
Warning: lots of running, very physical. I have a disabled student that sent in a different person for her SM. They gave high fives after every attempt.
I put a mixing bowl on a chair and wad up paper balls about the size of golf balls. Two teams. One shoots while the others look up the scripture. When they find it correctly, the shooting stops and they count up the balls in the bowl. Class favorite.
We also find SM for mug cake ingredients. When they get it correct they get an ingredient.
magic square — scripture ninja in the cultural hall ! Boys vs Girls
i love the game spoons, but how do you play it with sm? thanks for all the suggestions!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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