Scripture Mastery Activity

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The post-it notes are back!
This is a very effective way to learn and re-inforce scripture memorization.
Each word, comma, period, number, colon, semi-colon, etc. is on a separate post-it note.
Have the students work in small groups to put the post-it notes in order to read the scripture verse.
Groups need to be small or not everyone participates.
Four is the maximum group size I recommend.
Depending on how well they know the verse, I allow them to use their scriptures or scripture mastery cards for guidance.
As the year progresses and familiarity is increased, they work without their scriptures or scripture mastery cards.
I usually have a small prize for the team who finishes first and has the verse correctly arranged.
When they have the verse in order, the team recites it to me without looking at their scriptures.
I read along with a book or scripture mastery cards, if something is not in order, I tell them to check it without suggesting to them which words to rearrange.
Sometimes, I purposely leave out a few words and ask them to tell me which words are missing. This works best with the shorter verses.
This is also effective for learning the Articles of Faith.

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