Scripture Dig

By Mercedes Stevens Higgins
Mercedes Stevens Higgins:
Stupid question, but how is scripture dig played?
(1 hour ago)

Jeanne Gilmore Merrell: I copied this from a comment on a post from last year: Here is the basic idea of a scripture dig. Make copies of the questions for each team or for every person, if you have a smaller class. Put them on different colored papers to keep them straight. Students on one side of the room – questions on the other side of the room. They are competing to answer their questions first. I have a winner of each round and I stop after 5 or 6 questions per round, to discuss what we’ve found. We discuss the principle or doctrine and make sure everyone has the correct answers. If you have more than one person on a team, then switch up who is running to get the question, who is the scribe and who is digging for the answer. I put the sheets of papers across the room, so they have to get up and get the paper. It keeps them awake. Make sure you keep the questions in the same order for each team. #scripturedig (18 minutes ago)

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