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Picture An Early Morning seminary teacher and friend of mine who is very skilled in video production has done “Scripture Clip” again for the Book of Mormon.  They are very well done.  The following is what Mike has to say describing it all:

Scripture Clips DVD available now for free download
Go to to download the DVD. The previous DVDs were big hits and have been downloaded by hundreds of teachers.  Some comments from teachers: “Awesome!”  “My kids really look forward to it.” and “So clever and fun!  It’s a fun and memorable way to practice scripture mastery.” 

What is a Scripture Clips DVD?
Scripture Clips is an educational DVD designed to be used in an LDS Seminary classroom environment for the purpose of strengthening students’ mastery of the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery scriptures.  The DVD contains 50 distinct hints, divided into two Rounds of 25 hints.  Each Round has one hint for each of the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery scriptures.

Who’s on the DVD this year?
This year’s DVD has appearances from Despicable Me, Mulan, and Studio C, among many others.  Even everybody’s favorite time-traveling Doctor stops by.

New format for this year: 
There are two formats for playback of the videos to your students—either in a traditional DVD player or as individual videos on an iPad or laptop computer.

Regarding the legality of the DVD: 
Firstly, the DVD does not violate copyright law because the DVD is for non-profit educational purposes only and thus falls under Fair Use.  Secondly, if you are concerned about the appropriateness of using the DVD in your classroom, I encourage you to share the DVD with your Seminary supervisor in order that you may together make that determination.

I have a blast creating the DVD and I offer it free of charge.  I only ask that you share this link so that many other students can enjoy it too. -Mike Amelang

Disclaimer:  I (John Bushman) am simply sharing this link.  Please contact the website owner with technical questions about downloading and using the files.

Free Instant Download

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