Scattering And Gathering

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This was an effective way to teach Scattering and Gathering of Israel:

We went in to the Cultural Hall and I asked them to gather in the center for an important message.
I gave them a few lines from a quote in our lesson ( you can use any message from Prophets and apostles)
then I instructed each student to get as far away as possible from each other and from me without leaving the room/overflow/stage areas . (scatter)
Once they were scattered, I continued with the quote in a low voice. I purposely did not adjust my volume to match the distance of most of my students.
I stopped and asked who could hear me.
Of course very few could hear me.
Some could pick out a few words but no one could tell me what the message was.

Then I asked them to gather back in and I read the quote.
Once they were re-gathered, we discussed their  scattering and gathering  and compared it to the scattering and gathering of Israel and how it is happening right now. They brought up the new buzz words, “hastening” and “hasten the work”.
This created some effective discussion and provided a change of pace, something that is difficult to get with my large class size.

The lesson did not call for this, but I used Article of Faith #10.

After class, one of my students said,
“I finally understand scattering and gathering. I will always remember this.”

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