{Rs Activity Idea} “Polish Your ‘Toes’-Timony” Pedicure Party

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Last night our Relief Society had a pedicure party. I am proud to say it was a great success!
Months & Months ago I saw an adorable handout on Pinterest. The original idea is from Marci Coombs, found HERE.{If I’m ever called to YW, I will be so thankful I found her blog. Just sayin’.}
She handed these handouts out with a little pedicure kit to her girls at girls camp.But as soon as I saw her handout I knew that it could be a great activity. So finally I decided to use the idea and create a fun activity for the sisters in our ward.This would also be a great YW or Activity Days activity.
Here is what we did for our activity:
 As the sisters arrived there was a table just outside of the Relief Society Room.   On the table was a homemade foot scrub & a handout for each sister.

After the sisters grabbed their goodies they came into the Relief Society room and picked a seat and got ready for a night of pampering.
A few weeks before the activity I asked a sister in our ward {she does pedicures professionally} to come and instruct the sisters on how to do a pedicure. She took us through all the steps of a pedicure and shared many useful tips and tricks. There is a lot that I don’t know about taking care of my feet, but I have come to the conclusion….if I want my toes painted pretty then I better go see this wonderful sister. :)She also compared each step of the pedicure to a testimony.Here are the steps and a quick description:
Steps of a Pedicure
1.     Soak Feet:Submerge yourself in the gospel. You can’t just dip a toe in!2.     Remove Polish: {Repentance} Remove your old sins & habits.3.     Clip & File Nails: Smooth the rough edges; perfection4.     Put Feet back in Water & Exfoliate: Partake of the Sacrament weekly. By doing so you are renewing your Baptismal covenant.5.    Callus Remover:‘Sin Remover’!’ Every week you partake of the sacrament you are removing those nasty sins!6.    Lotion & Massage:Just as we must apply lotion every day to keep our feet from getting dry and cracked, we must remember to nourish our testimonies as well. Remember to apply your ‘Testimony Lotion!’7.    Wrap Foot in Towel:As we do these steps we must also remember to always ‘wrap’ ourselves in the warmth of the Holy Ghost.8.    Polish Your Nails:Your testimony is fragile. If you don’t constantly take care of it, it will slowly wear away just as Nail Polish does.Polish your testimony daily!
We left a couple of the steps out because we couldn’t come up with a cute comparison. But I thought these were great!
Everyone really enjoyed sitting around soaking their feet and talking and learning about taking care of our toes.
Food:We decided to enjoy the refreshments after the pedicures so that everyone’s polish could dry. 
Here is what our refreshment table consisted of:
There was a mini fruit pizza bar, yum! We used sugar cookies and brownie cookies as the crust, and then had the spread and lots of fruit for the toppings.
And also a Veggie Pizza.Which was crescent roll dough topped with a sour cream/cream cheese/ranch mix mixture and then topped with various veggies. So delicious!
We also had some Party Punch that was wonderful, but I didn’t get a picture of that. :)The food was definitely a hit! Everyone loved the mini fruit pizzas and the veggie pizzas. Yum!
After everyone sat down with their food we had a few sisters talk. Before the activity I had asked one of the sisters to share ‘How she keeps her testimony polished’.And then I asked another sister to bear her testimony.WOW! These sisters did amazing!The spirit was so strong. I really appreciate these sisters sharing some personal experiences and feelings with all of us.
Closing Activity:Pedicure GiveawayTo close our activity we had a fun giveaway. Since the sister in our ward does pedicures professionally, she said that she would give one sister a free pedicure.AWESOME!But there was a catch. I told all the sisters that we would be giving away a free pedicure, but in order to enter the giveaway you had to be ON TIME!On the table outside of the Relief Society room I had some tickets for the sisters {that arrived on time} to write their name on. I had a bowl where they placed the tickets.
I am seriously doing this for every activity. We had almost everyone show up on time. I even saw ladies running to the door so they made it on time. hahaI love the sisters in our ward.
We also gave away another little prize. Just a cute little make-up bag and some cute toe separators. Nothing fancy, but it’s always fun to win something.
We had such a great time. I highly recommend having your own Pedicure Party.
So…for those of you who are thinking “I want to do this!” You’re in luck!I have some great printables for you today that you can use for your very own ‘Toes’-timony pedicure party.
In my “Polish Your ‘Toes’-timony” Pedicure Party kit you will find printables for:My ‘Toes’-timony handout2 Different types of Blank Invites{one is totally blank & the other has the title}& Blank Food Place Cards{just take a look at the picture of the food and you’ll see what I’m talking about}
Just click the link below to download the printables.
For the invites: once you have downloaded the file you should be able to view it. Just right click and click copy. Then paste it into Word (or whatever program you use) re-size it to the size you’d like, add your own text, and you’re good to go.If you have any problems just let me know & I can try to help you out. :)
Click Here to Download my ‘Toes’-timony Activity Printables!
Thanks for stopping by! If you have a Pedicure Party I would love to hear how it goes.Have a great day!

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