Review: The Things I Do

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To review the song “The Things I Do,”  I want to make sure that the children understand the message that they can be missionaries just by choosing the right.  To accomplish this, I’ve put the song into my  own words.   Begin by reading this (or your own version) to the children.

“I’m not old enough yet to go to another country and serve a full-time mission to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  But, right now, I can show people that I have a testimony of the church by behaving the way the Savior would want me to.

 People all around me- in my neighborhood, at school, in the park, and everywhere I go-  watch how I act all the time, not just at church.   If I choose the right, people will think good things about our church.  If I make bad choices, people will think bad things about our church.  

I can invite my friends to come to church.  And if I act with reverence and respect while they’re here, my friends will see that church is important to me. 

People will see that I don’t just talk about keeping the commandments.  I live it- because I believe it.  Then, later, if they meet the missionaries, they may be curious about the gospel that has the power to mold lives like mine and they will ask the missionaries to teach them.”

To prepare for the game, display the pages of the flip chart in the front of the room where the entire primary can see it.  Print a copy of the document above and cut the individual lines into word strips.  Fold these strips and place them in a bowl.

Sing through the song one time to review.  Then have a child choose one of the word strips out of the bowl and read the first part aloud to the rest of the primary.  See if the children can guess which lines of the song the word strip is talking about.  Attach the word strip to the corresponding picture.  Sing through that verse of the song and ask the children to think about the meaning of the words as you do.  Continue until all of the word strips have been chosen.  (Not every picture has a word strip)

If you have extra time, print the document below and cut out the pieces.  Give each child a CTR shield and have him write, in his own words, the message of the song on the back.  Encourage the child to hang his shield somewhere where he will see it every morning and remember that he is always representing Christ in everything that he does.

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